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    Check out the Disney stock certificate pictures.  Enjoy the fantastic detail and design of the elaborate scenes.

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    Close-up of the modern Disney stock certificate characters.

    Disney stock certificate characters

    Here, we see Walt Disney himself surrounded by characters from his own creation or movies.  Included are Bambi, Dumbo, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck, Jiminy Cricket, Pinocchio, Snow White, and Mickey Mouse.  A stream of stars (or fairy dust) crosses across the scene indicating Tinkerbell's movement.   The Disney stock certificate is unique in its colorful design and variety of characters. 




    Full picture of a live modern Disney stock certificate.  Owner info obscured for privacy.

    Walt Disney Co. stock share certificate

    In the full view, the certificate also show the Epcot Center dome and the Disneyland castle.  Again the top vignette makes the Disney stock certificate special.  In this older certificate (1998) Michael Eisner was CEO.  The current Disney boss is Robert Iger.  Buy here to get one in your name or give as a gift.



    Specimen example of a Walt Disney Productions stock certificate. 

    Walt Disney Productions stock certificate

    This sample stock certificate features Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse on his should and Snow White's castle from Disneyland.  Disney film characters abound in the rest of the vignette  - Bambi, Winnie the Pooh, the Seven Dwarves,  Pluto, Dumbo, Donald Duck, the Three little Pigs, Lady and the tramp dogs, Goofy, and many more.  Are you a collector? You can buy one here.  Picture compliments of OldStocks.com.




    Wonderful international example from Euro Disneyland in France.

    Euro Disneyland bond certificate image

    Great graphics on this uncommon piece.  Mickey Mouse presents a map of Europe.  The amusement park was located in France.  The bond is circa 1983.  Some examples came with coupons.  This piece is available for purchase in OldStocks.com old certificates catalog.



    Rare older WED Enterprises Inc. (formerly Walt Disney Incorporated) -1964

    Issued  Walt Disney Incroporated stock certificate

    Pictured above from liveauctioneers.com, a rare stock certificate for WED Enterprises Inc (formerly Walt Disney Incorporated) .  Walt Disney issues 10 shares of stock in the company to his granddaughter, Joanna Miller, reading in part, "Walter E. Disney, as custodian for Joanna Miller, a minor...is the record holder of ten shares of capital stock of Walt Disney Incorporated." Signed "Walter E. Disney," on the affixed receipt in black ballpoint pen. Dated August 28, 1964.



    WED Enterprises Inc. (formerly Walt Disney Incorporated) -1955 

    WED Industries stock certificate 

    A December 29 1955 issued version, signed by Walter E Disney signed to his first grandson, Christopher Miller.  Image from cnbc.com article  (courtesy of antiquestocks.com).  WED (Walter E Disney) Enterprises typed over the former Walt Disney Incorporated company name



    Blank version of Walt Disney Incorporated

    Blank Walt Disney Incroporated stock certificate

     Pictured above from liveauctioneers.com, a blank Walt Disney incorporated stock certificate from the 1960s.  Based on the low number of this blank, very few live shares were ever issued in this company form.




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